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Follow along this July and August with our featured projects, or choose from hundreds of projects in our Project Library, brought to you directly from the Maker Community itself, curated by the staff at Make: and our core team of Makers and Educators. For the first time ever, any member of the Make: community can purchase materials and enjoy a convenient way to explore hundreds of Maker Camp projects. Plus, you’ll receive exclusive promotional goodies! Maker Camp is FREE so register today for instant access to a library of hundreds of projects for all ages. 

There are two great options!

  • Maker Camp Camper Pack – Featuring over 30 components and more than 100 pieces total, the Maker Camp Camper Pack is an awe inspiring collection of components and electronics for your home camp, makerspace or small group. Serves: 1 – 4 campers.

  • Maker Camp Campsite Box – Featuring over 40 components with more than 300 pieces total, this set also includes the BrainPad Pulse and Seeed Grove Arduino microcontrollers, a glue gun, soldering iron and a touch of Makey:bit magic! Serves: 16 – 20 campers.

150 Registered Maker Camps that meet specific criteria are eligible to receive FREE Maker Camp Campsite boxes. Sadly we cannot provide these boxes to every camp at this time. To request free materials, complete the Camp Info Form on your Maker Camp Dashboard no later than June 24. Please note that materials will ship the week of June 27, 2022 and free materials will not be available after that point.

Haven’t registered yet? Everyone is welcome and the project library is FREE. Just complete the short registration form.6

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